Manito Popcorn Festival

                           THANK YOU

On behalf of the Manito Popcorn Festival Committee I want to thank everyone who had a part in this year’s Cerebration. Without a doubt it was a complete success from flag raising to Project Two performance. Talked to vendors ho told me that the Popcorn Festival is their best and favorite event.

A very special THANK YOU to Jim Weiss and his son of J. W. Hauling. Without these to guys we would be in a world of hurt. J. W. does a fantastic job every year.

Thanks to Cliff Sanders and the Village of Manito Public Works. An abundance of good comments about the appearance of the Park.

Thank you to the Park District Playground Committee. The playground looks great and is a big hit with kids and adults alike.

Thanks to Chief Scott Montgomery and the Manito Police Department for an outstanding job. One thing though, I think dance lessons and hula hoop training are needed before next year.

Our sound technician Greg Springborn is so greatly appreciated. Thanks 

I would like to say a personal big thank you to Dorothy Kreiling, Rayeann Meeker, Ruth Sondag, Patia Picken, Rosemary Palmer, Rita Roberson, Bonnie Kammeyer, Val Springborn, Ken and Judy Lacey, Evan Hopkins, Roxie Parks, Bree Kerley, John Bernshausen, J.D. Proehl, Dan Sleaford, Darrel Kammeyer, Brody Bernshausen, Braden Thomas, Shane Butler, and John Parkin who make up the Popcorn Committee. You all do an outstanding job.

Also, thanks to the ever present Jim Bernshausen for your help in getting ready and tearing down.

There are so many people who do so much that it is impossible to name them all.

Thanks to all!!!

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