Popcorn Festival Parade Winners

1st prize: Tie between Popcorn Princess Float and Mason County Farm Bureau;

3rd prize: The Villas of Holly Brook

1st prize: Manito Cub Scouts;

2nd prize: Eliza Kerley/Bernshausen Family Racing;

3rd prize: Paige Meyer/Mason County 4-H Queen


1st prize: Little Dreamers;

2nd prize: Larry and Shirley Hackmann;

3rd prize: Manito Rocks

1st prize: Randy Maas;

2nd prize: Ag of the Past;

3rd prize: Don Palmer

1st prize: Meyer Family;

2nd prize: Alex Riviere and “Blue”

Thank you ALL for being in our 2017 Popcorn Festival Parade!

Top of Form

2017 Popcorn Parade Line-Up

#1 Manito Police Car/Scott Montgomery-----------------------VEHICLE Washington/Southmoor
#2-13 Forman Fire Department--------------------------------------------VEHICLES * W. Southmoor
#14 Hill-Palmer Post American Legion/Color guard-----------------FLOAT *W. Southmoor
#15 Popcorn Princess Float-----------------------------------------------FLOAT *w. Southmoor
#16 Knights of Columbus---------------------------------------------------FLOAT *W. Southmoor
#17 Mason County 4-H Queen Paige Meyer--------------------------VEHICLE * E. Southmoor
#18 Little Dreamers----------------------------------------------------------?? * E. Southmoor
#19 Manito Self Storage/Jim Bernshausen----------------------------Tractor *HS Circle Dr.
#20 Hackmann Dancers------------------------------------------------------Walker * E. Southmoor
#21 Midwest Central High School Marching Band------------------- * E. Southmoor
#22 Casey’s Float-------------------------------------------------------------FLOAT * E. Southmoor
#23 Gathman Ag--------------------------------------------------------------TRACTOR *HS Circle Dr .
#24 Woiwode Family Booth------------------------------------------------WALKERS * E.S.
#25 Antique Car/Randy Maas---------------------------------------------VEHICLE * E. Southmoor
#26 Little Harvesters Float--------------------------------------------------FLOAT * E. Southmoor
#27 The Villas of Holly Brook-----------------------------------------------FLOAT * E. Southmoor
#28 State Representative Norine Hammond---------------------------VEHICLE * E. Southmoor
#28A Mason County Republicans/Dorothy Kreiling---------------------VEHICLE *E. Southmoor
#28B Mason County Circuit Clerk/Michael Roat-------------------------VEHICLE *E. Southmoor
#29-39 Ag of the Past------------------------------------------------------------TRACTOR *HS Circle Dr.
#40 Mason District Hospital/Manito Medical Associates------------VEHICLE * E. Southmoor
#41 Bernshausen Family Racing------------------------------------------VEHICLE * E. Southmoor
41A St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Float------------------------------------FLOAT *E. Southmoor
#42 Antique car-1923 Model T Roadster/Don Palmer---------------VEHICLE * E. Southmoor
#43 Midwest Central FFA Float--------------------------------------------FLOAT * E. Southmoor
#44 Insurance Navigators---------------------------------------------------VEHICLE * E. Southmoor
#45 Midwest Central Junior High Marching Band--------------------- * S. Washington St.
#46-53 Mason County Democrats---------------------------------------------VEHICLE * E. Southmoor
#54 The Hope Chest, Pekin, IL---------------------------------------------VEHICLE* E. Southmoor
#55 Kalhammer’s Hardware-------------------------------------------------VEHICLE* E. Southmoor
#56 Alexander’s Tax Service and
           Seibel Insurance Agency/Julie Moore------------------------------GOLF CART * E. South.
#57 1945 International Farmall Super 8/Ken Stansbury-------------TRACTOR *HS Circle Dr.
#58-60 Forman Ambulance-----------------------------------------------------VEHICLE *Bus Barn
#61 B.E.B Excavating, Inc.---------------------------------------------------VEHICLE * Bus Barn
#62 CAB Enterprises, Inc.----------------------------------------------------VEHICLE Bus Barn
#63 Mike Eeten for Tazewell County Sheriff-----------------------------VEHICLE* E.
#64 Mason County Farm------------------------------------------------------FLOAT * E. Southmoor
#65 Cass Comm---------------------------------------------------------GOLF CART * E. Southmoor
#66 Trinity Lutheran Church--------------------------------------------------FLOAT * E. Southmoor
# 67 Cross Implement----------------------------------------------------------TRACTOR* HSCircleDr.
#67A Tractor/Mower: Pullum---------------------------------------------------TRACTOR *HSC
#68 Manito Cub Scouts--------------------------------------------------------FLOAT * E. Southmoor
#69 Manito Rocks-----------------------------------------------------------WALKERS * E. Southmoor
#69A Greg Ladendorf State Farm------------------------------------------VEHICLE *E. Southmoor
#69B Manito Southern Baptist Church--------------------------------------FLOAT *E. Southmoor
#69C Scott Nickerson/1930 Ford Model A Sedan Sedan--------------VEHICLE *E. Southmoor
#69D Scott Nickerson/1931 Ford Model A Roadster Convertible-----VEHICLE *ESouthmoor
#70 Horse/Alex Riviere--------------------------------------------------------HORSE *Grassy lot/HS
#71 Horses/ Meyer Family---------------------------------------------------HORSES *Grassy lot/HS
#72 “The End”: Roxy and Drake

The following entries will enter from S. Washington St. in front of Midwest Central High
School: #45 and #69
The following entries will enter from the east side of Southmoor St. (east of the intersection
of S. Washington and Southmoor): #17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 28A, 28B, 40, 41,
41A, 42, 43, 44, 46-53, 54, 55, 56, 63,64, 65, 66, 67,68, 69A, 69B, 69C, and 69D
The following entries will enter from the west side of Southmoor St. (west of the intersection
of S. Washington and Southmoor) : #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16
The following entries will enter from the circle drive in the front of Midwest Central High
School: #23, 29-39, 57, 67 and 67A
The following entries will enter from the bus barn parking lot of Midwest Central Unit Office:
#58-60, 61 and 62
Horses will be located in the grassy area in front of Midwest Central High School.
**Please be at your location by 9:30 a.m. The parade coordinators will be on site at 8:00
a.m. **
PARADE ROUTE: The parade will begin at 815 S. Washington St. It will travel north on
Washington. The judges’ stand and announcer will be located across from Veterans Park on
the west side of the street at the Methodist Church. The parade will continue north on
Washington St., turn left (west) on State St. and then right (north) on Broadway St. (downtown
Manito). The parade will end at the intersection of Broadway and Market St.
Entries will have 3 options to exit the route: 1. Turn left on Market St., 2. Turn right on Market
St., 3. Continue straight ahead on N. Broadway (near Bert’s Hot Stuff and Egypt Station).
PRIZES: The following categories will be judged--FLOATS, WALKERS, ANTIQUE VEHICLES,
OTHER VEHICLES, HORSES. Winners will be posted online as well as at the main Popcorn
Booth (under the pavilion). Prize money will be available for pick up at that booth from noon on
Saturday until 3 pm on Sunday. Each entry will be judged on THEME, CONSTRUCTION,
If you have any additional questions, please contact Patia (pronounced: Paysha) Picken at
309-545-3153 or email picken.patia@gmail.com .


Please print, fill out, and send to the address on the application.  

Thank you!
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